An advanced toy that will do everything for you. The pump has three modes of pumping air, which can be alternated to achieve a more noticeable result. Plus product - push-button control. It will help to relax during use. The diameter of the hole is 6.5 cm.

A simple vacuum pump is suitable for those who just want to get acquainted with this type of toy simulator. Just put the penis inside, pump out the air by pressing on the pear, and enjoy the result. The diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm.

An automatic or vacuum pump can be not so much a sexual toy as a means of keeping the penis in good shape. The device works as follows: the penis is inserted into the flask, and then air is pumped out of it. A negative pressure zone appears inside the device, causing a strong artificial erection. Also, the penis temporarily increases in size, and its sensitivity is enhanced.

Different models will help to feel vaginal, oral or anal penetration. And the most technologically advanced versions also have the functions of heating, voice guidance and rotation. All this will help diversify the familiar process.

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