The male P point is a powerful erogenous zone responsible for ejaculation. Her massage and stimulation will bring not only health benefits, but also a lot of pleasure. The problem is that doing it yourself without special devices is difficult and inconvenient. In this case, butt plugs with vibration or special prostate stimulants come to the rescue.

But it is worth remembering that the procedure itself can be traumatic and painful. It cannot be carried out if you have stones in the prostate or anal fissures. To find out exactly if the stimulant is right for you or not, consult your doctor. And do not forget to use the massager according to the instructions, generously lubricating it with a lubricant.

1. Vibration butt plug

Мужские секс-игрушки: анальная пробка с вибрациецй

This toy is perfect for exploring the family of point P stimulants. The cork has a narrower end, which facilitates its entry into the anus. A big plus of the product is its powerful vibration, the speed of which can be controlled using the remote control. This will help you choose the mode of operation that you like.